Micro Brewery Operations

Whether you're expanding your micro brewery or want to improve your processes for greater efficiency and increased profits, Hershey Equipment has a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs of micro breweries. From grain storage and material handling to particle reduction and load cells, we understand your feasibility requirements and work with you to develop the right system for your micro brewery operations.

Grain Storage Bins

Whether you need to store spent mash or bulk grain, we offer a variety of grain storage solutions perfectly suited to micro brewery operations including Meridian tanks that are designed to handle heavier loads, making them the perfect choice for wet storage.

Material Handling

Are you still using totes and bags to transport grain to the processing area? We can design a better system for grain delivery to make things easier and improve efficiency. From conveyor systems and distributors to our flexible GSI Flex-Flo system, we offer a variety of solutions that meet the needs of just about any micro brewery operation.

Roller Mills

Get the most from your grain with roller mills and particle reduction equipment from Hershey Equipment. Smaller grain means greater yields, better precision and uniformity, resulting in a high quality product. Our on-staff experts can help you choose just the right milling equipment for your operation.


While getting the measurements right is an important part of the micro brewing process, ramping up production can make accurate measuring difficult without the right equipment. Hershey Equipment offers flow scales and load scales to bring accuracy and precision to the measuring process for efficient operations and consistent quality.

Custom Design

Need help redesigning your micro brewing operation or building a new facility? Hershey Equipment can help with the entire process from start to finish, designing the right system for your needs, getting the equipment you need, providing expert installation from our own experienced installation crew and offering 24/7 repair service to keep your operation running smoothly. Plus, we offer custom fabrication to solve problems or adapt older equipment to newer processes.

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Why Work with Hershey Equipment?

  • Put our experience in the grain industry to work for you.
  • We've been helping grain farmers improve their processes since 1964 and we're the first company in the Northeast to specialize in the unique needs of micro breweries.
  • We offer consultation and design of material handling and particle reduction in your brewery.
  • We will provide options for weighing grain and ground product.
  • We have service technicians on call 365 days a year.

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