From small farms to turnkey operations, Hershey Equipment offers a wide range of innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions for poultry rearing. We start with the best equipment from manufacturers like Big Dutchman and Vencomatic and draw on our decades of experience in the agricultural industry to create systems tailored to the unique needs of your operation.


We focus on creating healthy environments for chickens, by designing custom operations that meet the needs of our clients.

Air Quality

Our climate control systems focus on maximizing air quality while reducing CO2 and ammonia emissions.

Egg Handling

Our egg handling systems are designed to gently move eggs to the packing area with minimal breakage and better yields.

Manure Removal

Our manure conditioning and removal systems are designed to reduce odor, flies and rodents, and improve health and egg quality.

Table Market Egg Production

The key to superior eggs is providing the best conditions for your hens. Our Eurovent, Enrichable and Enriched cage systems optimize bird health, efficiency and egg quality, while meeting UEP and USDA standards, as well as state regulations regarding housing.

Our Enrichable cage system allows you to adapt your hens
from a cage environment to a fully Enriched environment by the removal of partitions and addition of nest boxes, perches and scratching areas, as conditions and markets change.

Cage-Free and Organic Market Egg Production

Cage-free producers face unique challenges with bird management. Our tested, proven aviary nesting systems were specifically designed to give birds movement throughout the system, while providing them with areas for roosting, nesting, feeding and drinking. They are uniquely designed to assist producers in training their birds to utilize the system in order to enhance performance, reduce mortality and improve egg quality. And, of course, all of our systems meet the unique qualifications required for cage-free and organic labeling.

Pullet Production

Our pullet rearing environments are designed to train birds to thrive in the system that they will be moved into upon reaching egg production maturity.

All our systems are designed to ensure maximum bird health.

Embryo and Vaccine Egg Production

Hershey Equipment is a leader in designing systems for producers of embryo eggs to meet the exacting standards of pharmaceutical companies in production of flu vaccines. We create bird environments that emphasize poultry health, maximizing production and fertility while creating housing that protects safety and confidentiality. These same systems are designed for breeder-layer producers, so housing can be built for clients that provide embryo eggs to both markets simultaneously.

Egg Handling Solutions

Hershey Equipment offers a variety of egg handling solutions to meet the needs of farmers large and small. From table egg packers and tray stackers to pallet loaders and egg coders, our egg handling solutions are designed to reduce breakage and maximize egg yields. We also offer complete, computerized, turn-key systems to allow control of the entire egg packing process from one central location.

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Why Work with Hershey Equipment?

  • We have 50 years of experience in the industry, servicing every poultry market.
  • We are the largest equipment dealer in the country, fully equipped to handle small projects or entire turnkey operations.
  • We are licensed to do business in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, South, Midwest and Central states.
  • We use our own experienced technicians, supervisors and installation crews.
  • We have technicians on call offering service 365 days per year.
  • We have a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocked with parts inventory for quick shipment of repair parts.

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